Total td5 Uprated headstuds

Price 800,00 €

Td5 head stud conversion kit: 

12x aviation class studs

12x aviation class nuts 

12x aviation class washer

1 sachet of assembly lubricant 

The studs fit the factory block thread M11 and have a 7/16th UNF top thread for increased pressure at a specified torque , studs provide the ability to obtain much more accurate torque value because the studs don't twist during tightening as do bolts. Because the studs remain stationary during nut tightening, the studs stretch in one axis alone, providing much more even and accurate clamping forces.

The factory studs have a yield strength of 12000lbs, with the stud conversion having a Yeild of 28000lbs 

We advise a new head gasket to be fitted during the time of install. 

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