td5 INSIDE Nanocom Remote Remap

Price 250,00 € - 355,00 €

This is for everyone that owns a nanocom and is unable to attend to one of our tuning sessions around the World. Basically we need you to fill the form under the buy service menu, upload the original/current map file and also a pic of the vin number stored in the ecu and the nanocom ID and give Additional details about all the modifications of the vehicle, and also how you use it and what do you expect from the remap . This will allow us to match the remap to your exact requirements.

When we email the td5inside remap back, we will give you detailed instructions of how to upload and things to check / adjust so we get the most of your mapping experience.

After you do a test drive we are happy to tweak the remap if needed until you are 100% happy. Adjustments in the future are free of charge. Informations about the td5Inside remaps here

Early 10p Td5s (1999>2001) with MSB ECU's  can not be read/write via OBD. These ECUs must be send to us or alternatively you can buy a replacement unit here