td5 INSIDE remap

Price 300,00 € - 485,00 €

The td5inside remap underpins all our work and company.

With the experience and knowledgge we have built along the years of owning, driving and racing td5s we are able to do a remap to remap to match your specs and exactly what you want.

Usually we can push just over 170bhp/360nm with little or no smoke or about 180bhp/400nm with a bit of smoke - and that´s with standard turbo and standard intercooler! With a bigger intercooler we can reliably push over 190bhp/420nm.
Above that we turn to different turbo options, so we can produce power in a reliable way.
Features such as throttle response, torque delivery can also be tweaked and tuned in the remap to give you the driving experience that you always wanted from your disco and defender.

Obviously these numbers will depend on your engine´s condition. We often times achieve even better results when the engine is well looked after, strong, and the turbo is fresh, but we’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

We can remap any age/engine/ecu type td5 and we do a full diagnostics and health check before/during the remap. Future adjustments are free of charge.

We often tour most of European Countries so we can do the remap at any point and share the remapping experience with you . If you are impatient ( and we can understand why) alternatively you can send the Ecu to our main HQ in Portugal or to our UK  Hub to be remapped. 

We can also transform your ecu in a dual map ecu  - Check here and select the extra at checkout when buying the service.

We are happy to tweak it with you later if needed and that is free of charge. Select buy service to proceed. 

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