td5INSIDE dual map

Price 340,00 € - 525,00 €

At td5inside we are able transform your ecu in a dual map ecu. ( not to be mixed with changing high and low box map settings as some advertised twin maps)

By changing some of the ecu internals and adding our own controller we´re able to have 2 remaps in the same ecu, which can be changed anytime just by flicking a switch.

These are 2 completely different maps, so you can have the standard file in one position (for the MOT for example) and a remap in the other one; or you can have a very eco map in position 1 and a very powerful map in position 2.

This means you can drive it steady at a low fuel or emissions level day to day and have it in full power mode when you head you are felling  off road. Any combination is possible really….

This can be done to MSB or NNN ecus. When buying this service, please select if you the ecu has a td5inside map already.

The price is for the kit and the 2 remaps at your choice. Wiring loom and a 2 position universal switch also provided. INSIDE branded OEM switch can be bought through PowellperformanceUK.

Check out a video of it all working here

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