2.4Tdci CRturbos Hybrid + Performance Inside Map

Price 1 075,00 € - 1 175,00 €

When it comes to uprated turbos, people often just look at the power side of things and forget another key element these can provide – reliability.

Tdci turbos are prone to failing and to making the engine run a bit less effectively/reliably than it should. We are able to provide an uprated VNT/VGT hybrid turbo. Manufactured by Crturbos we have reworked the housings, and fitted a different size compressor wheel that spools up quicker and also boosts with and at lower revs than the original turbo. We also manage to reset the electric actuator, so that the power delivery is made in a different and more linear way removing that throttle and boost hesitation and causing the tdci to pull and produce torque instantly.

The uprated tdci hybrid turbos are designed as a direct replacement of the standard units. In fact, they look identical to the standard units from the outside. The big changes occur inside, by using different solutions such as:
  • Upgrade compressor wheel;
  • cnc machined compressor housing;
  • turbine cutting to reduce egts´s and backpressure;
  • turbine housing machined to reduce back pressure;
  • anodised mfs compressor wheel with special treatment to make it more resistant to impurities not filtered by the air filter;
  • VSR 170.000 rpm´s balanced.

All our turbo chargers are designed and made together CRturbos in Portugal, leader in Performance Boost solutions. Our turbos are design to work with the correct engine map so we supply them together with our own remap, included in the price.

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