CRturbosPT Custom/Race Chargers + Remap

Price 1 750,00 €
Working together with CRturbosPT, td5INSIDE/performanceINSIDE has the ability and experience to offer custom specification turbos. Our team is able assist with designing, choosing and building suitable turbo chargers for individual requirements. Either motorsport specs, or simple upgrade specs for an everyday use, we can do it.

With respect to motorsports, these especially designed turbochargers are built using the highest quality component parts, materials, wheel design aerodynamics and have acutely refined tolerances and balancing. This is the only way to ensure they remain extremely reliable under the hardest racing conditions.

Having done loads of units for FIA cross country / baja cars, rally raid endurance cars, Comp Safari cars, Ultra4 cars and winch challenge cars, we can easily say our turbos have proven themselves with wins in all the above mentioned categories !

General Warranty conditions can be seen here