Defender td5 CRturbos VNT / VGT + Remap

Price 1 650,00 € - 2 150,00 €

Back in 2014 td5INSIDE / performanceINSIDE worked together with CRturbosPT to design a VNT / VGT Turbo plug and play for the td5 engine. The 2024 model is an improved and refined version of our previous model that sold thousands in the last 10 years all over the World and has prove itself to give amazing performance while keeping reliability for both engine and turbo! 

In a VNT / VGT turbo, the exhaust flow through the turbine wheel is controlled by a row of vanes that move to match the exact boost requirements of the engine. At low engine speed, the variable nozzle turbine vanes close to restrict the exhaust air flow through the turbine, thereby increasing turbine power and boosting pressure. At higher engine speeds, the moveable vanes open to maximise the exhaust gas flow, thereby avoiding turbo over-speed and maintaining the boost pressure required by the engine.

VNT turbos contribute to higher torque levels, particularly at low engine speed, and help deliver more power across a wider range, better acceleration through improved transient response and cleaner combustion.. *@ Garrett By Honeywell

Td5 CRturbos VNT turbos are designed to work with a turbo boost box (included in the kit) or with a wider range map sensor ( supplied at extra cost). When matched with the correct remap that we supply as part of the kit , they could take the td5 to around 230bhp and over 500nm torque at 1,7 bar of boost and 250bhp and 580nm torque at 2 bar of boost. - depending of how healthy the engine and fuel/injection system is.

Our turbo kit uses the original feed and return oil pipe and its supplied with all seals and gaskets needed for the instalation. A td5inside remap to match the turbo is included in the kit/price and is also tailored to your specs ( smoke/no smoke, Limiter/no Limiter, MAF delete).

We fully customise our turbos according to the customers specs, so please allow 5 to 10 days for manufacturing after purchase.

The turbos are supplied with random coloured turbine wheels and the housing is hydrodipped. You can select plain colour for the compressor housing and also ceramic coating for the exhausth housing when ordering. 

We strongly advise fitting an highflow airfilter, AlliSport Silicone hoses and AlliSport Upgraded Intercoolers to achieve the maximum performance from this setup.

All turbo charger installations require new engine oil and a new oil filter. We do not offer a fitting service, and only supply the turbos

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