Discovery td5 CRturbos Hybrid + Remap

Price 825,00 € - 925,00 €

Recently we’ve seen a lot of hybrid turbos coming to the market, but not all hybrids are actually "true" hybrids, and even the true ones are not always a good solution.

In fact, often eBay specials offer a cartridge with an mfs compressor wheel and call it a hybrid when in fact it’s a standard size turbo. The "benefit" comes from fitting a brand-new part to an old and tired turbo unit, meaning you get a refresh but not exactly an upgrade. Moreover, most of those kits are actually of inferior quality when compared with the original Garret units, so you end up with a turbo that is less reliable than before... not ideal!

The other thing is, when building a hybrid turbo, companies tend to bore/machine out the housings to the next available of the shelf compressor wheel size / components and build/assemble all the parts and expansion gaps around it. You often end up with a turbo unit that is oversized and therefore laggy.

What we did together with Crturbos was design and manufacture our own compressor wheel and parts, based on the dimensions we found to be the correct. (same with all our hybrid turbos range really). No one else went as far in the development of a hybrid turbo for Land Rovers. This means we have a turbo unit that is able to produce boost/torque from very low revs and all the way through, resulting in a smooth and progressive yet strong power delivery.

The uprated td5 hybrid turbos are designed as a direct replacement of the standard units. In fact, they look identical to the standard units from the outside. The big changes occur inside, by using different solutions such as:
  • Upgrade compressor wheel;
  • cnc machined compressor housing;
  • turbine cutting to reduce egts´s and backpressure;
  • turbine housing machined to reduce back pressure;
  • anodised mfs compressor wheel with special treatment to make it more resistant to impurities not filtered by the air filter;
  • VSR 170.000 rpm´s balanced.

Td5 hybrid turbos are designed to work at about 1.6 bar of boost from factory. We will be able to rescale the original map sensor to allow that boost and not going in to limp mode. If your intentions are to run mpre boost you can order a wider range map sensor  when checking out. When matched with the correct remap, they could take the td5 to around 220bhp and over 450nm torque at about 1.8bar of boost. 

Our turbo kit uses the original feed and return oil pipe and its supplied with all seals and gaskets needed for the instalation. A td5inside remap to match the turbo is included in the kit/price and is also tailored to your specs ( smoke/no smoke, Limiter/no Limiter, MAF delete).

We fully customise our turbos according to the customers specs, so please allow 5 to 10 days for manufacturing after purchase.

We strongly advise fitting an highflow airfilter, AlliSport Silicone hoses and AlliSport Upgraded Intercoolers to achieve the maximum performance from this setup.

All turbo charger installations require new engine oil and a new oil filter. We do not offer a fitting service, and only supply the turbos.

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