Racing division

Racing and motorsport is part of our DNA … we use it to innovate, test solutions and push boundaries in both power and reliability.

Our work includes choosing the right setup for the competition and car - a turbo for a rally or a cross country car will be very different from a turbo for a winch challenge car. And even in the same style of racing, a car with portal axles will have a different turbo and remap when compared to a car with y61 or Land Rover axles. Gearing, tyre size, even the way the intake and intercoler is designed matters when we decide which setup we supply. We often do onsite tuning sessions so we can test and fine tweak the race cars in real world situations.

td5inside/performanceinside powered race cars have won more races than all the other major tuning companies combined and made the td5 the engine that wins more offroad races in Europe. From Cross Country to Rallys; from endurance to Winch Challenges and Ultra 4 - in every race, our cars are always in the running for the top spots.

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