A very standard D2 on the rolling road with a VNT

Following the development of our VNT setups, 2 weeks ago we went to an independent maha rolling road to get some numbers/results of a couple of differente cars and setups. Over the next days we will be posting those results.
Our aim was not to set it all up for big and over the scale numbers ( althoug we have done something which we will show) but to get real world data/experience with normal/everyday cars running mods that people usually do... As usual, we mapped and adjust the turbo on the road, driving it as we still think its the best way to do it, collecting logs and inputs, feeling drag, forcing driving situations.

The first one was this D2 ... nearly 269K kms / 167K miles on the clock of an original untouched engine.... Full standard exhausth with all the boxes ( including the big silencer), standard exhausth manifold, standar air filter box modified - we did put a new paper filter in it- silicone hoses and Allisport intercooler. This was fitted with our bolt on VNT turbo obviously made to spec like all the ones we do ! Original Discovery 1.2 transferbox and 32” tires !

The MAF sensor was knackered so we gave the option of replacing or map it out ... powerwise, like we always said, its pretty much the same, just slightly increase on emissions and fuel. A bit like 80% of our costumers, the choice was to map it out. Same happened with boost modulator - knackered ! Confidents that we can control boost delivery in a smoth and correct way, we have also bypassed it .... again, giving the option of having a boost box or wider range map sensor we have fitted the boost box that is supplied with the turbo free of charge !

Now... to what happened in the rolling road ... we kept aircon radiator, winch and bumper in place and the fact that the car was lifted obviously made the big fan not as efective. Ambient temperature was about 20º.

We set the limiter as usual just under 5000rpm like the factory one and let the car rev all the way as it pulls easily through all the rev range. Mapping was done to be minimum smoke and turbo set to peak 1.7 bar like we always have done our VNT setups ....

The results 232bhp and 473NM . Just over 2000rpm we are already in the 400nm zone and we stay there until 4000rpm which is a wide and very usable band of torque.
We believe the fact that the car has all the exhaust boxes and obviously the standard air filter arrangement gives a slightly delay on torque - we think it can all move about 200/300rpm down but this is a point we will be able to show/prove in some of the next posts.

Overall very happy with results, both us and the owner of the car. Stay tuned and boosted for more ????