td5 Flasher Tool

Price 100,00 € - 875,00 €
We have teamed up with and we are now able to supply this powerfull OBD cable. This will allow td5inside power to reach everywhere, anytime. 

This is an intuitive interface/software where you basically plug in the cable, read the existent file, save it and send it to us, also giving additional details about all the modifications of the vehicle, and also how you use it and what do you expect from the remap . This will allow us to match the remap to your exact requirements.

We will then email you the map back where, a simple write map will upload the new remap/dual map. 

After you do a test drive we are happy to tweak the remap if needed until you are 100% happy. Informations about the td5Inside remaps here

The files we sent are encrypted to an ECU Code Key and to the VIN number making it an unique map for your car / ECU. 

As a bonus the td5flasher, also allows to clean faults, set the accelerator track, install new ecus by learning the security code and so on - And this can be used in any td5 engine. 


When buying, please make sure you select a software option - Remap, Dual Map, Imobilizer delete. We will not sell the td5flasher without the software. If you already have a td5flasher and want to use it in a different ecu please go to the Services Menu and select the td5flasher map page. 
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